COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Rubbish and Recycling

Please note due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) there are changes to rubbish and recycling services.

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A bin is classed as missed if it was available on the boundary at the time the collection took place and was presented according to our guidelines.

If you believe your bin(s) were genuinely missed, please inform us as soon as possible.

We can only deal with a missed collection if it's reported within two working days after your collection day.

Even if your bin is less than half full and you do not need us to return before your next collection we would still like to know for our records.

If we genuinely missed your bin(s) we will return within three working days. For return collections, please leave your bin available on the boundary of your property.

Report a missed bin


Bins that have not been collected

Your bin may not have been collected because:

  • Your bin/s was not in position at the time of collection. Rubbish collections begin from 5am and recycling and compost collections from 6am. Your bins must be placed on the boundary of your home by the appropriate time.
  • Your recycling bin/s contained incorrect items (they were contaminated).
  • You presented excess waste in sacks, or your bin was overfilled and the lid was not closed.

In these cases, the crew will not return to empty your bin until your next scheduled collection.


    If you have excess waste and/or recycling

    If our collection crew tells us that your road was serviced and your bin was left for the reasons above you can dispose of your excess rubbish and recycling by taking it to a Hertfordshire County Council Household Waste Recycling Centres (please be aware that you will be expected to recycle all that you can here) or a local recycling bank.