High Dells & Hilltop

High Dells and Hilltop Parking Consultation


Parking restrictions will start on Monday 19 June 2023.

This will include:

  • double yellow lines on road junctions to imporve safety vision of junctions
  • four resident permit zones - B26, B28, B29 and B30
  • a verge and footway parking prohibition that applies 24/7.

Letters have gone out to all roads that are due to have parking restrictions (all roads from College Lane south along Bishops Rise to Hazel Grove and roads east of it including Southdown Road).  

Hilltop VFPO Plan

Resident Zone B26 Plan 2023

Resident Zone B28 Plan 2023

Resident Zone B29 Plan 2023

Resident Zone B30 Plan 2023

Notice of Making - High Dells and Hilltop

Hilltop parking letter May 2023

High Dells letter May 2023



The proposals below, objections recieved and Parking Services report were considered at the Cabinet Planning and Parking Panel 18 August 2022.

The panel considered all objections and the recommendations brought forward by Parking Services.

It was agreed unanimously to introduce the resident permit zones, with hours being Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, as well as a 24/7 verge and footway parking prohibition.


Next steps 

A review period of the new restrictions will begin 3 months after the start date and run to end of 2023. A review form will be available to complete on this page during the review period, we will look at all comments submitted and consider if more works are needed considering any safety issues raised also. 

Any further changes of restrictions would require further consultation with residents if the review finds further change is required.