Hollybush North

A consultation for parking in Hollybush North began in February 2023.

The area will only cover the northern section of the Ward including:

  • Chequers
  • Homestead Lane
  • Hunters Way

We will by default consider double yellow lines on junctions to improve junction vision underpinning the Highway Code, as well as verge and footway prohibition to improve the streetscene and access for pedestrians.

As we received a low response rate from properties, we sent a reminder letter in June 2023 inviting those who didnt reply to take part.


Feedback stage

We carried out a parking consultation survey in March 2023 resulting in a low response rate. We sent out a reminder letter encouraging residents to have their say which improved the response rate. The survey overall had 281 responses from a total of 998 properties (28%). We have a policy to progress to this feedback stage when it has passed 25% response rate. The data provided to us highlighted roads where residents expressed a level of concern relating to parking issues including footway and verge parking. 

This is a feedback stage where initial ideas are set out, as to how potentially parking restrictions in your area could look like in the future. it is important to note, at this time no decisions have been made.

We strongly encourage you comment on the below before the closing date so that we can consider your view as to what parking restrictions, if any, you would like to see proposed in the area. 


Online survey

Submit feedback using our survey.

The survey closes on Sunday 24 March.



Double Yellow Lines 

Double yellow lines will be considered for introduction at the majority of junctions, or in areas where this may be required due to safety or access issues such as garage forecourts. These apply equally to all drivers. 

Verge and Footway Prohibition Order (VFPO)

We also suggest to prohibit parking on public verges and footways throughout the Holybush North area, where the carriageway is more than 4.5m wide, A VFPO also covers vehicle crossovers which form part of the public highway and where it is not owned by a property. It is a parking restriction giving enforcement officers powers to issue fines rather than a physical measure such as bollards.


50% of residents responded. For those who responded, 62.5% expressed concerns over parking and requested a resident permit zone. The majority responses indicated Monday to Friday and most popular time 9am to 5pm. 
We suggest a resident parking scheme for Monday-Friday 9am-5pm for this area, along with a verge and footway prohibition in Chequers and Burrowfield. Significant concerns were also raised relating to parking alongside Council garage access points, so we suggest extra double yellow lines within Burrowfield to improve access and encourage better traffic flow.

We understand such idea may impact on businesses, and we encourage each business to consider carefully how their parking requirements are impacting upon the public highway. Please note, only residential properties in Chequers and Burrowfield would be considered to be listed in any possible permit scheme, in order to tackle parking demands by non residents.

All other roads within the Hollybush North consultation area did not respond in sufficient numbers, to give us a mandate to propose any further action aside from yellow lines on junctions and verge and footway prohibition.


Next steps 

All responses will be considered and formal proposal will be drafted based on the feedback received and formally advertised. We will send a further letter if we reach that stage to notify you of the opening of the 21‑day formal objection stage.

A further update will be given to residents in late Summer 2024 once the pre-election period(s) is complete.