Changing your vehicle

You can change the registration on your parking permit by following the steps below:

  1. Login to your account on our permit portal.
  2. Select 'manage your vehicle details'.
  3. Click 'add new vehicle' and input your new vehicle details, and use the upload button to upload new vehicle proof which shows the vehicle is registered or insured at the permit address. make sure you click on the 'choose' box to select your uploaded document.
  4. Select 'manage my permits', and click on the 'manage' button under the permit you wish to change (you may have to click on > to fully open the manage permits section to see your permit).
  5. Open the section 'Vehicles', click on the 'vehicle' drop-down list and select your new vehicle then 'save'.

We will review your application within two working days and email you once it is approved.