Permit prices

Parking permit prices

Details about how much it will cost you to buy an on street parking permit or vouchers and admin charges are below. Prices correct as of 1st April 2023

Permit/Voucher Type Price

Annual Resident motorcycle


Annual Resident first vehicle*


Annual Resident second vehicle


Annual Resident third vehicle


Annual Business vehicle - for a business address located inside a permit scheme boundary


Annual Doctor/Health Visitor - All Zones permit to enable home visits to a patient


Daily visitor vouchers - 20 daily parking sessions ^

​(Limited to 240 days worth in a 12 month period)


Change of vehicle registration details


Admin Fee for refund/cancellation of each permit or set of vouchers (note, if two or more permits are cancelled, a separate cancellation fee applies to each permit)


Replacement for lost/stolen/damaged permit


*100% discount (free) to disabled driver with valid Blue Badge. Blue Badge discount only applies to the 1st vehicle permit in the household. Any further disabled badges within the household do not qualify for additional discount. Any further permits in the household will be charged at the relevant price band e.g. 2nd vehicle charged at 2nd vehicle cost.

^ 50% discount on visitor vouchers to residents proving they receive a state pension