Disabled parking

Disabled parking in Welwyn Hatfield

There are many disabled parking bays in the Borough, you can park there if you have a Blue Badge.

Apply for a Blue Badge

Contact Hertfordshire County Council to apply for a disabled parking bay outside your home.

Where to park with a Blue Badge

You can park in the following restricted areas if you display your Blue Badge:

  • Residential Parking Permit Zone - inside any Residential Parking Permit Zone for an unlimited amount of time. Check our resident parking permit areas page for a full list of zones. If you are a resident or visitor, you can simply display your disabled badge without needing to link the vehicle to a resident permit or visitor voucher
  • On-street parking areas with limited waiting period - in areas where there is a limited waiting period, for example 'one hour no return within one hour', you can park for an unlimited amount of time.
  • Double/ single yellow lines - on either single or double yellow lines for up to three hours. You will need to display both your Blue Badge and parking clock. You can not park on sections of line that form part of a restriction on loading or unloading (marked with yellow kerb dashes and/or signage)
  • On-street disabled bays - you will need to display both your Blue Badge and parking clock and follow the time restrictions displayed. If the bay does not have a sign it is likely to be a advisory disabled bay which does not require a badge to be displayed. 

You will still need to pay at our pay and display car parks.

Tips for avoiding parking tickets with your Blue Badge:

  • display the badge on top of the dashboard or fascia panel of the vehicle
  • the wheelchair-user symbol should face forward, so the expiry date can be seen from the outside of the vehicle
  • the parking clock disc must also be displayed and set to show the time of your arrival
  • if your vehicle does not have a dashboard or fascia panel display the badge and disc so that it can be clearly seen from outside the vehicle.