At the present time, indicators of significant deprivation and exclusion are limited to small pockets in the borough.

Typically the wards of Peartree in Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield Central have ranked relatively high in recent Hertfordshire tables of the most deprived areas.

The Community Inclusion priorities

The initial priorities and objectives of the Group as set out in the Sustainable Community Strategy are:-

  • To reduce the level of deprivation and exclusion in Peartree/Woodhall and Central Hatfield by:
    • developing an action plan which will address issues of deprivation and exclusion in the two wards over the period of this strategy
    • prioritising targeted employment and training opportunities to encourage local people to find paid employment

Who makes up the Community Inclusion Group?

Currently key stakeholders and partners are:-

How to contact the Community Inclusion Group

Please contact the Community and Inclusion Partnership Group

Local Support Services

As part of the Group's objectives, it has compiled a Directory of Local Support Services tackling deprivation, to help professionals and agencies signpost people who they come into contact with, who are affected by poverty and exclusion.