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Planning permission appeals

You can appeal against a refusal, a non determination or any conditions the council impose on your planning application. You can also appeal if the council refuses your Welwyn Garden City Estate Management Scheme application.

Before you appeal

An appeal should only be a last resort and only 36 per cent of planning appeals are won.

It is important to look carefully at the reasons for refusal before you submit an appeal. In some cases you may be able to change the application to get consent.

You can discuss changes to a scheme through pre-application advice.

Appeals can be complicated and expensive, especially if they involve a public inquiry.

We recommend you get advice from an architect, planning consultant or qualified person before you start.

When to appeal

You can appeal at any time up to:

  • three months for a householder appeal
  • six months for any other appeal

from the date of the decision notice. 

View current appeals documents on the planning register.

Make an appeal

You can appeal in different ways. Most people choose to appeal in writing as this generally means a quicker decision.

Householder Appeals

This is simpler to understand, and is quicker as there are less forms and it relies on information you have already sent to us.

Make a householder appeal

Written Appeals

Make a written appeal

Make a written enforcement appeal

Hearing Appeals

Make an appeal by hearing

Make an enforcement appeal by hearing

Inquiry Appeals

Make an appeal by inquiry

Make an enforcement appeal by inquiry

The final decision is taken by the Secretary of State for the Department of Communities and Local Government or their representative.

Welwyn Garden City Estate Management Scheme Appeals

If your Estate Management Scheme application was refused you can appeal through the Estate Management Scheme Appeals process.

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Appeal, search for or comment on a planning decision or notice.

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