Planning considerations about chalk mines

Chalk mines

There are policies you must consider when planning developments in areas where there are the possibility of chalk mines being present. If there are chalk mines present this does not prevent development but there is often a technical solution required to overcome the issue.

Check chalk mine hazard areas

What you need to do

If you are planning a development in an area where a chalk mine may be present you may need to:

  • carry out a detailed report at your own expense
  • discuss the issue with your planning agent/builder
  • seek advice from a planning officer before submitting a planning application.

What we will do

If you submit a planning application for a development in an area where a chalk mine may be present we will carry out a risk assessment:

  • If the associated risk is high we will ask you to submit a geotechnical report with your application
  • If the associated risk is moderate we will ask you, using a condition on the planning permission, to submit a report before the works start
  • If the associated risk is very low you will be advised to ensure that a 'watching brief' is kept on the building works as they progress

We will then make a decision on your application taking into account the risk identified.


In all cases, the responsibility and subsequent liability for safe development and secure occupancy of the site rests with the developer and/or landowner.