Planning obligations

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Council is in the process of preparing a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging schedule. CIL is a locally set planning charge which local authorities can choose to implement to raise contributions from new development towards the delivery of necessary supporting infrastructure.

Local authorities are the charging authority for CIL and are responsible for setting CIL charges. Councils that wish to charge the Community Infrastructure Levy must prepare a Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule which sets out the charges per square metre that will apply to new development.

A decision was made at the Council's Cabinet meeting held on 4th April 2017 to publish for consultation a Preliminary CIL Draft Charging Schedule (PDCS) (see section below). The responses to that consultation were reported to the Council's Cabinet Planning and Parking Panel on 14th December 2017, when they were noted.

Following amendments to the CIL regulations (2010) in 2019, the Draft Charging Schedule (DCS) is now the first and only statutory stage of consultation required in respect of CIL. The previous consultation responses to the PDCS however have informed the production of the DCS. This document is subject to an eight week period of statutory public consultation before going forward for public examination.

Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule September 2020

The consultation on the DCS sets out the type of development which will be liable for CIL and the proposed charging rates.

The DCS Consultation Document explains Welwyn Hatfield's (Charging Authority) Draft Charging Schedule proposals for the levy and instalments policy, which were approved for publication for public consultation by the Council's Cabinet and Planning and Parking Panel and Cabinet on the 30 July 2020 and 6 August respectively.  Consultation took place over the Autumn and the responses are now available for viewing on our consultation portal by clicking the link below to the consultation document. 

View consultation document

The CIL DCS is informed by the following accompanying documents:

Welwyn Hatfield CIL Viability Report 20 July 2020

Strategic Sites Testing Update December 2016

Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2017

Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Consultation

The Council consulted on a CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule from 15 May 2017 to Monday 26 June 2017.

Comments were invited on the following documents:

Consultation responses can be viewed here CIL Consultation May 2017.  

If you require any further information on the consultation or the next steps relating to the preparation of Welwyn Hatfield's CIL charging schedule please email:

Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document

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