Pre-application advice for non-householders, full and major applications

Cost of pre-application advice for non-householders

 Proposed Scale of Development

Detailed written advice

Meeting (in addition to cost of advice)

Small Listed Building where planning permission is not required




 1 hr

(inclusive of  Heritage Officer advice)

1-3 dwellings



1 hr Meeting

·      4-9 dwellings

·      Up to 999 sqm floor area

·      Site area less than 0.5 hectares

·       Change of Use up to 499 sqm floor area



2 hr Meeting

·       10-24 dwellings

·       Up to 1,999 sqm floor area

·       Site Area 0.5 - 1 hectares

·       Change of Use 500+ sqm floor area



2 hr  Meeting

·       25-49 dwellings

·       Up to 4,999 sqm floor area

·       Site Area more than 1 hectare



2 hr Meeting

·       50-99 dwellings

·       Up to 10,000 sqm floor area



2 hr Meeting

·       100+ dwellings

·       More than 10,000 sqm floor area

·       Major development for listed buildings

Bespoke fees to be agreed with officers


Fees effective from 1 April 2024.

Any request for service outside of the above parameters will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Where advice is required to resolve a breach of planning control, we may charge an individual site specific fee to ensure we cover the costs of providing advice.

The cost of the time we take to provide advice is not covered by the statutory fee for making a planning application. The charge covers our costs for providing the advice and so it is not met by council tax payers generally.

The scale of fees is based on the size of the proposal and the level of detail that is sought.  We currently offer a reduced fee for parish and town councils, registered charities and development to assist those with disabilities.

If your proposal includes more than one category of development, the fee payable is the highest of those that apply, but they are not added together.

The fee includes VAT at 20 per cent and will not be refunded if you decide advice is no longer required even if we have not yet provided it.


Get pre-application planning advice

We strongly recommend you get advice from us before making a planning application. It will help you to avoid costly mistakes, save time and identify potential problems early on.

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