Publicity and Neighbour Consultation Procedure

Comment on the proposal

How to comment

Having inspected the application and plans, residents may wish to comment on the proposal. If you wish to comment, they must be made online, by email or letter. Verbal representations on their own cannot be considered. We cannot enter into correspondence on representations due to the number received. All those who make written comments will be informed of the outcome of the application once the Council has reached a decision. It is important to remember that the Borough Council can take into account only representations made about planning matters, which mainly cover issues relating to the built environment. There are a number of concerns which are often raised which cannot be taken into account; these include:

a) Property values

The planning system cannot legitimately concern itself with property values for owner-occupiers. Whilst the impact on the amenities and character of an area is a valid consideration, the effect on property prices is not a justifiable objection.

b) Land ownership

Planning legislation is not concerned with land ownership and planning applications can be made by persons other than the landowners, provided that the correct notice is served. Similarly, planning decisions do not take account of land ownership and permission can be given, even if the owner of the land in question does not wish the development to proceed. Granting of permission does not however convey, or imply, any consent to build without the approval of the landowners.

c) Civil matters

Planning considerations are entirely separate from civil matters and planning is not, therefore, concerned with such issues as boundary disputes, encroachment on to adjoining land and ancient rights of light. Hopefully, the majority of such civil disputes can be resolved amicably between neighbours.

How applicants can help

Since the Borough Council will consult neighbours, applicants are recommended to advise their neighbours first of their intentions. Please note that any representations received cannot be treated as confidential and will be published on the Council’s website.

For further information, or comments on this procedure, please contact the Development Management Service.

  • Address: Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, Development Management, the Campus, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL8 6AE.
  • Tel: 01707 357000
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