Planning considerations for Telephone Masts

Planning considerations for telephone masts

We take great care in the choice of location for masts and antennas. We balance this against the increasing demand for mobile services and technology.

Planning requirements

Not all telephone masts and antennas require full planning permission.

Smaller masts or installations on buildings require an application for prior approval.

A full planning application is required for:

  • larger installations, such as masts over 15m tall
  • development in a Conservation Area

There is usually a consultation process which involves writing to local residents and a site notice.

Planning considerations

We consider applications in line with government policy and our local development plan

We aim to ensure that:

  • all phone operators comply with all Local and Central Government policies and guidelines
  • full and proper consultation is carried out with all parties
  • development is designed sensitively so as to minimize the visual impact and use is made of existing or new screening, such as trees, fences or buildings
  • radiation levels are kept as low as possible and in any case, below the ICNIRP

Operators should:

  • contact us for pre-application advice to ensure that all options are explored and unsuitable locations discounted
  • place antennas on existing masts or buildings, to reduce their visual impact
  • build sensitively and as far away from schools, hospitals and residential areas as possible