Anti-fraud and corruption policy

Appendix B – Governing & Acknowledging, Preventing and Pursuing Fraud


Executive Support

Our Senior Management Team will set the tone for a zero tolerance of fraud and corruption and will ensure that an antifraud culture is embedded across the Council and the services it delivers.

Robust Arrangements

The Council will adopt and apply a variety of policies and procedures that seek to reduce the risk of fraud and corruption and encourage staff to report fraud where they see it. These will be regularly reviewed and updated as appropriate by the responsible officers. These include:

  • Anti-fraud and Corruption Policy
  • Whistleblowing Policy
  • Preventing Tax Evasion Policy
  • Anti-money Laundering Policy
  • Anti-bribery Policy
  • Tenancy Fraud Policy
  • Corporate Enforcement Policy
  • RIPA Policy
  • The Councils Constitution (including financial regulations, member code of conduct and procurement standing orders)
  • Employee Code of Conduct


Committing Support

The council’s commitment to tackling the threat of fraud is clear. We have whistleblowing and fraud reporting procedures and support those who come forward to report suspected fraud. All reports will be treated seriously and acted upon. We will not, however, tolerate malicious or vexatious allegations.

Assessing Risks

We will continuously assess those areas most vulnerable to the risk of fraud as part of our risk management arrangements and internal audit service. These risk assessments will inform our internal controls and counter fraud priorities.

Robust Response

We will continually look to strengthen measures to prevent fraud. We will respond positively, taking appropriate action, where fraud is reported or suspected (Appendix C). We will review all incidences of fraud to ensure that any weaknesses in systems or processes that allowed the fraud to occur as removed. 


Better use of information technology

We will make use of data and analytical software to prevent and detect fraudulent activity. We will look for opportunities to share data and fraud intelligence to increase our capability to uncover potential and actual fraud.

Anti-Fraud culture

We will promote and develop a strong counter fraud culture, raise awareness, provide information on all aspects of our counter fraud work. This will include publicising the results of all proactive work, fraud investigations and any recovery of losses due to fraud.


Fraud Recovery

We will enforce and aim to recover any funds lost through the act of fraud. This is an important part of our strategy and will be rigorously pursued, where possible.

Punishing Fraudsters

We will apply realistic and effective sanctions for individuals or organisations where an investigation reveals fraudulent activity. This may include legal action, criminal and/or disciplinary action, where appropriate.


Appropriately trained staff or partners will investigate any fraud detected through the: planned proactive work; cases of suspected fraud referred from internal or external stakeholders; or, cases received via the whistleblowing procedure. We will also work with relevant internal and external partners/external agencies/organisations.

Reporting fraud

We are part of the local Shared Anti-Fraud Service and you can report cases of fraud to us.

Report fraud