Empty Homes Policy

Benefits of bringing empty properties back into use and enabling housing growth

5.1 There are many financial, environmental, social and economic benefits of bringing disused residential properties back into use. These include:

• Attractive neighbourhoods and economic vitality which can increase spend and boost the local economy

• An increased supply of available housing to help meet housing need and reduce homelessness and the need for temporary accommodation

• Making best use of existing housing stock

• Increased revenue and new homes bonus income

• Increased income for owners who rent or sell their empty properties

• Reduced crime and anti-social behaviour and the fear of crime through improvements to homes and buildings to create safer communities and attractive neighbourhoods

• Improving homes and buildings to modern standards using the latest low carbon technology

• Enhancing the vitality of town centres and promoting economic growth by bringing town centre homes and buildings back into use

• Improving the visual impact of neighbourhoods to boost wellbeing, create pride in the community and reduce demand on public services

• Supporting the Council's commitment to tackling threats to public health which are sometimes linked to empty properties such as fly-tipping, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.