Gambling policy appendixes

Appendix B - List of consultees

Chief of Police

One or more persons who appear to represent the interests of persons carrying on gambling businesses

One or more persons who represent the interests of persons likely to be affected by the exercise of the authorities functions under this Act

Responsible Authorities

  • The Gambling Commission
  • Chief of police
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Planning
  • Environmental Health
  • Safeguarding children board
  • Revenue and Customs
  • HSE


  • Welwyn Hatfield Council Committee
  • Welwyn Hatfield Alliance
  • Existing Casino, FEC, Bingo, Betting Shops, Lottery Licence holders.
  • Local residents via, chairs of the residents associations Members of the Welwyn Hatfield Council Community Panel.
  • All premises licence and club premises certificate holders.
  • Society lottery registrations
  • Neighbouring local authorities.
  • WHC Community Safety Unit
  • HCC Social Services
  • WHC Law and Admin Service
  • Local solicitors
  • Parish and Town Councils.
  • Magistrates Court
  • The chairs of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Gamcare
  • Remote Gambling Association
  • Gambling Commission
  • National Lottery Commission
  • Centre for study of gambling
  • BACTA (British amusement catering trade association) representing pay to play leisure industry
  • British casino association
  • Bingo Association
  • Association of British Bookmakers
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • Citizens Advice bureau
  • Trade Union Congress
  • Ncvcco ( National Council of voluntary child care organisations)
  • Faith groups in Welwyn Hatfield 
  • Voluntary and community organisations working with children and young people
  • Organisations working with people who are problem gamblers
  • Medical practises or PCTS
  • Advocacy organisations and trade unions
  • British Beer and Pub Association
  • Welwyn Garden City BID