Gambling policy Part C

(Alcohol) Licensed premises gaming machine permits)- (Schedule 13 paragraph 4 (1)

Automatic entitlement: 2 machines

There is provision in the Act for premises licensed to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises, to automatically have 2 gaming machines, of categories C and/or D. The premises merely need to notify the Council. The Council can remove the automatic authorisation in respect of any particular premises if:

  • provision of the machines is not reasonably consistent with the pursuit of the licensing objectives;
  • gaming has taken place on the premises that breaches a condition of section 282 of the Gambling Act for example the gaming machines have been made available in a way that does not comply with requirements on the location and operation of gaming machines
  • the premises are mainly used for gaming; or
  • an offence under the Gambling Act has been committed on the premises

If a premises wishes to have more than 2 machines, then it needs to apply for a permit and the Council must consider that application based upon the licensing objectives, any guidance issued by the Gambling Commission issued under Section 25 of the Gambling Act 2005, and “such matters as they think relevant.”

The Council considers that “such matters” will be decided on a case by case basis but generally there will be regard to the need to protect children and vulnerable persons from harm or being exploited by gambling and will expect the applicant to satisfy the authority that there will be sufficient measures to ensure that under 18 year olds do not have access to the adult only gaming machines. Measures which will satisfy the authority that there will be no access may include the adult machines being in sight of the bar, or in the sight of staff who will monitor that the machines are not being used by those under 18. Notices and signage may also help. As regards the protection of vulnerable persons, applicants may wish to consider the provision of information leaflets / help line numbers for organisations such as GamCare.

For two to three machines the decision will be taken by the Licensing Officer. For four to five machines the decision will be taken by the Licensing Officer (or other officer with appropriate delegation) in consultation with the chairman of the committee set up under the Licensing Act 2003.

For more than five machines it will be referred to a licensing sub committee of councillors.

It is recognised that some alcohol licensed premises may apply for a premises licence for their non-alcohol licensed areas. Any such application would need to be applied for, and most likely be dealt with as an Adult Gaming Centre premises licence. 

It should be noted that the Council can decide to grant the application with a smaller number of machines and/or a different category of machines than that applied for. Conditions (other than these) cannot be attached.

It should also be noted that the holder of a permit must comply with any Code of Practice issued by the Gambling Commission about the location and operation of the machine.