Safeguarding children policy

Safer recruitment

6.1. Employing and training safer employees

In line with the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 we will take reasonable steps to ensure that staff working with children and young people are safe to do so. Posts will be appropriately assessed to determine their level of contact with children and young people.

Where appropriate we will vet potential employees using the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to support safer recruitment decisions and to prevent unsuitable people from working with at-risk groups. There are three types of checks which can be conducted:

  • Standard check - this will check for spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings.
  • Enhanced DBS check - the same as the standard check plus any additional information held by local police which is reasonably considered relevant to the post being applied for.
  • Enhanced with list checks – same as the enhanced check, but includes a check of the DBS Barred lists.

All disclosures for unsupervised work with children and young people, that meet the definition of regulated work, will be at an enhanced level.

Additionally, all individuals we recruit will undergo pre-employment referencing covering a three year period.

6.2. Providing our employees with the right training and support

We will ensure that all employees who work with or have contact with children are appropriately trained. Although not all staff, volunteers, contractors or Members will work directly with children or have direct access to their information, they will be required to understand the responsibility they have in protecting children from harm.

All staff, volunteers, contractors and Members will be appropriately trained and supported to ensure their skills and knowledge match the level of contact they have with children through their work.

We will offer different levels of training, appropriate to different roles and responsibilities within the council and provide updates to reflect changes in legislation and government guidance.

6.3. Behaviour standards for staff, Members, volunteers, contractors and councillors

Staff will provide the highest level of care ensuring a child’s welfare is a primary guide to their actions whilst maintaining professional standards of conduct with children who use our services. Staff, volunteers, contractors and Members should never act in such a way that could leave them open to allegations of abuse or inappropriate behaviour or relationships with a child.

The standard of behaviour expected by employees it set out in the council’s Code of Conduct for employees and supported in the Code of Conduct for Members.