Robin Hood Lane

Robin Hood Lane Parking consultation

A consultation for parking in Robin Hood Lane around Multi Storey Car Park.

We asked residents, local businesses and users of the area to give us their views about what parking changes they would like to see via public notices displayed around the road.

The survey closed on Sunday 12 March 2023.

We have now sent out a letter to nearby residents and businesses to seek views on the following:

  • Intermittent parking issues where vehicles park on the footway near the Phariacy and obstructive parking.
  • Providing additional loading areas as the existing one is often in use limiting space for other delivery options
  • Introducing a footway parking prohibition (giving additional powers to issue PCN’s to any vehicle parking partly or wholly on the footway) as well as additional loading bays where space permits.The design will also take into consideration double yellow lines on the road at the rear of Poundland to ensure obstructive parking does not occur.

The measures above would be considered as there is suitable space available in the multi storey car park for short term visitors to nearby businesses.

Next steps 

We will start developing plans on where to place road markings such as yellow lines and loading bay(s).

If you have any feedback regarding these initial proposals email us at or call us on 01707 357000 by Sunday 4 June 2023.

We will then write to all concerned again in late Summer with any further developments and update this webpage