Bin collections

Putting your bin out

Refuse bins should be available from 5am, recycling and compost bins from 6am.

Put your bins on the boundary of your property (where it meets the highway or pavement).


  • all rubbish or recycling must be placed inside the bin
  • the lid must be closed (we will not collect overflowing bins)
  • we will not collect excess waste or recycling.
  • we will not empty contaminated bins
  • we will only empty brown bins if you are subscribed to the garden waste service
  • do not compress the waste too tightly (if it doesn't fall out when tipped onto the collection truck, you will need to loosen the material so we can empty it on the next scheduled collection)
  • your bin must not be too heavy to empty (for example putting incorrect items in your bin, or including a lot of organic waste that is dense and heavy, you will be expected to remove the incorrect items or some of the waste, so we can empty the bin on the next scheduled collection )
  • your bins must be clearly visible and not obstruct the pavement.


Help us to keep the streets tidy by not putting out your bins before 5pm the night before your collection day. Put them away by midday on the day after collection.

If you have difficulty putting your bins out, you may be able to apply for an assisted collection service.

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