Report a missed bin

If your bin was on the boundary at the time the collection took place and met our guidelines (see below) but was not collected, use the link below to report it as a missed bin.

Even if you do not need us to return before your next collection please report this for our records.

Check the rubbish and recycling page for details of changes to scheduled bin collections before reporting.

If we missed your bin(s) we will return to collect it within three working days.

You should leave your bin available on the boundary of your property for collection.

Report a missed bin

What does not count as a missed bin:

  • Your bin was not out at the time of collection. Rubbish collections begin from 5am and recycling and compost collections from 6am. Your bins must be placed on the boundary of your home by this time.
  • Your recycling bin(s) had incorrect items in them (they were contaminated).
  • There was excess waste in sacks, or your bin was overfilled and the lid was not closed.

In these cases we will not return to empty your bin until your next scheduled collection.

If you have extra rubbish and recycling take it to a Household Waste Recycling Centre or a local recycling bank.