Homes without wheelie bins

Information for residents living in properties that cannot accommodate wheelie bins.

These homes receive a weekly sack collection for rubbish and a fortnightly box service for recycling collections. Most flats also receive a weekly rubbish collection.


Flats with shared bin stores and large containers for their waste, will usually receive a weekly refuse collection. We also provide mini-recycling centres (to recycle glass, cans and paper) where possible.



Homes that cannot accommodate wheelie bins receive a supply of sacks, delivered on a regular basis through the door. The sacks will have the council logo on them so our crews can easily identify our sacks for collection. Homes can present two sacks per week for collection. Excess sacks will not be collected.

Homes can have traditional style recycling boxes and a brown bin (if they are able to accommodate these containers). We can provide homes on the recycling box service with an additional red box. To request this please contact us on 01707 357 000.

Red Box

Green Box


  • Bottles and jars

Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays

  • Bottles (drinks, household products, shampoo)
  • Fruit, veg and meat trays
  • Margarine and ice cream tubs
  • Yoghurt and cream pots

Tins and cans:

  • Plus aerosols and foil

Cardboard and cartons:

  • Cardboard boxes and tubes
  • Juice, soup and milk cartons

Paper only:

  • Newspapers and magazine
  • Junk mail
  • Catalogues and directories (including yellow pages)
  • White office