Residents Panel

The Residents Panel

This group is the highest level of involvement for residents and leaseholders. It is the most time consuming of all our involvement groups.

They are the reality checkers for the Housing Operations Team. They act as a 'critical friend' to help us improve services for everyone.

They look at performance data, complaints, comments and compliments, strategies and policies at their monthly meetings and use this information to hold us to account.

Individual tenants, leaseholders and members of other involved groups can raise issues with the panel if they feel their concerns are not being listened to.

The main activities of the panel are:

  • Scrutinising services and making recommendations for improvement.
  • Monitoring the Resident Involvement Strategy.
  • Endorsing Neighbourhood Improvement Bids.
  • Reviewing draft policies and procedures.
  • Reviewing and challenging KPI's and complaints data.
  • Raising issues on behalf of other residents.

The group has representatives on the Cabinet Housing Panel. They also get involved in the procurement of contracts as needed.