Hedge cutting

We cut our hedges:

  • in ammenity areas twice a year, between June and the end of October
  • in town centres three times per year in May, July and September
  • Conservation Hedgerows are only cut in February of alternate years.

We cut them back to point of the previous cut, remove all litter and debris from the hedge base, and remove all suckers and seedlings to below ground level. 

We cannot cut hedges in private gardens. You can Complain about a high hedge


Report a dangerous hedge

If a hedge belonging to a private property is encroaching over a public highway contact Hertfordshire Highways at the County Council who write to the property owner.

If a council hedge is dangerous or causing a serious hazard contact us.

If we think it is dangerous we will cut within 10 working days. If the hedge is not cut within this time it has been judged as not dangerous and will be cut on its normal schedule.