Hedge cutting

Report a hedge problem

You will need to give us:

  • the location of the issue
  • a description of the issue

Start now

Once you submit the form you will get an email acknowledgement. We will then look into the problem and, if necessary, ask our contractor to carry out the work.

If the hedge is on private land or property, we will not be able to carry out the work. Instead you should follow the advice about hedges on private land.


Report a dangerous hedge

If a hedge belonging to a private property is encroaching over a public highway contact Hertfordshire Highways at the County Council who write to the property owner.

If a council hedge is dangerous or causing a serious hazard report it to us.

If we think it is dangerous we will cut within 10 working days. If the hedge is not cut within this time it has been judged as not dangerous and will be cut on its normal schedule.