High hedges

Problems with privately owned hedges

If a privately owned hedge is too high you may be able to report it to us.

The hedge has to be:

  • over 2 metres high
  • evergreen or semi-evergreen
  • two or more trees in a continuous line

and it must:

  • be adversely affecting the reasonable enjoyment of the domestic property such as light, access or views.

We cannot deal with:

  • problems with roots including subsidence, blocked drains or the removal of water or nutrients from the soil
  • applications from the occupier of the land.

Step one

You must try and resolve the problem yourself before reporting it to us. This includes contacting the owner of the hedge verbally and in writing. Use the government guides below to help:

Over the Garden Hedge

High Hedges: Complaining to the council

Step two

Report the problem to using the form below, you will need:

  • proof of written and verbal communication within the last four months
  • details of who owns the land on which the hedge stands (you must carry out Land Registry search to check if you do not know)
  • a recent history of the complaint
  • a fee of £667
  • a completed 

We cannot mediate or negotiate between you and the hedge owner. We will judge wthere the hedge is adversely affecting reasonable enjoyment of your property. We will try to balance your interests with the hedge owner's and the wider community.

We may then issue a formal notice to the hedge owner saying what they must do to fix the problem and by when. Failure to carry this out can lead to prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.