Serco's grounds maintenance team maintain shrubs, roses, flower beds and herbaceous borders. We also cut hedges and carry out replanting.

Shrub beds

Shrub beds are visited six times a year between March and October. During these visits the contractor will remove and dispose of all weeds, litter and any other debris. All beds will be treated with a residual herbicide once between January and March when conditions are suitable.

Shrubs are pruned once a year, between October and March. The amount and type of pruning is specifically detailed in the contract and will vary depending on the type of shrub. If there is a problem with a shrub trespassing over a footpath, window, doorway etc.,  this should be cut back on the regular visits.


Rose beds

Rose beds are also visited six times a year between March and October. During these visits all beds will be weeded and hoed, and all litter and other debris removed. During June to October visits all dead flowers and suckers will be removed.

During November and December the roses are pruned to remove one third of the previous season's growth. During February and March roses will be pruned to remove dead or diseased material and to prune remaining growth to leave three to seven buds per stem (dependent on variety). Beds will be raked and forked over and fertilizer applied. Beds will be edged once between October and March.


Flower beds

The council's flower beds are planted twice a year in October and May. After planting all beds should be visited approximately every ten days when leaves and litter should be cleared and beds hoed.