An unauthorised encampment is when an individual or group of individuals move onto a piece of land that they do not own, without permission. Details of unauthorised encampments on our land will be posted on this page.

Unauthorised encampments

Please check this page for updates before contacting us to report an unauthorised encampment.

More details about how we respond when people are camped illegally on council land can be found at unauthorised encampments frequently asked questions.


Status Update

We will post updates about any unauthorised encampments on our land, that we are aware of, below.

Unauthorised Encampments Status
DateLocationCurrent status
  There are currently no unauthorised encampments on our land.


To report an unauthorised encampment please email us at




This question and answer guide is aimed at giving you information on how Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council responds when people are camped illegally on council owned land.