Registering to vote

  • your name is on the register
  • you are a British, Irish, Qualifying Commonwealth or European Union citizen.

Please note that:

  • every person must register themselves individually
  • one person can no longer register for everyone who lives at their address
  • registering for other council services does not register you to vote.

Register to vote

Click on the link below to register to vote on the website.

Register to vote


If you are not able to register online contact us by email: or by telephone on 01707 357 300 to request an application form.

Voting Register updates

We can make changes to the voting register between January and September. 

The table below shows when we will update the register.

Last date for applications Date register of electors is updated
Thursday 10 August 2023 Friday 1 September 2023
Wednesday 22 November 2023 Friday 1 December 2023


Changes to postal and proxy vote applications

From 31 October 2023, when you apply for a postal or proxy vote, you will need to supply your National Insurance Number, as well as your name, address and date of birth in order that we can verify the person applying for the postal vote. Postal votes will last for a maximum of three years with voters required to re-apply for their postal vote at the end of this period.

Electors will be able to apply for a postal or proxy vote online from 31 October 2023. You will need to be able to upload a photo / image of your handwritten signature as part of the application.

Paper forms are still available from the Electoral Commission's website:

or from the Electoral Services team - you can request a form by email: or by telephone: 01707 357300, 

If you currently have a postal vote in place, you do not need to take any action now. Anyone who applied for a postal vote before 31 October 2023 will need to reapply before 31 January 2026. We will contact existing postal voters advising them of the new requirements and asking them to renew before 31 January 2026.

For people applying for a proxy, under the new rules, voters will be limited to acting as a proxy for two people, regardless of their relationship. Anyone voting on behalf of UK voters who live overseas may be eligible to act as a proxy for up to four people.