A complaint may be raised by anyone who believes they have been affected by the council's action (or lack of action) or by the standard of a council service. This may be services delivered directly by the council or another organisation delivering services on the council's behalf.

Complaint categories

Our complaints policy classifies a complaint as:

  • Incorrect or poor delivery of a service.
  • Failure of council staff to follow the correct policy or procedure.
  • A member of council staff (or any of our contractors or agents) behaving inappropriately.
  • Refusal of the council to provide a service which it should be providing.

Information we need

To submit a complaint, we require the following details for our investigation:

  • your personal details (including contact information)
  • a detailed explanation of your complaint
  • any supporting evidence you may have

If you are contacting us on behalf of another person, we will seek authorisation to deal with you on their behalf.