Mandatory and Discretionary Rate Relief Application

Discretionary rate relief criteria

The following criteria will be used to assist and determine your organisations application to relief:
1. That the Council awards Discretionary Rate Relief to voluntary bodies which further the Council’s aims and objectives.
2. That the Council will treat all individual sections of a larger organisation, e.g. the Girl Guides or Scouts, in the same manner in awarding rate relief.
3. Membership of the organisation should be open to as wide a section of the community as is reasonable to expect, with all adult members having equal status.
4. The ability of the organisation to pay their business rates, through examination of the last audited accounts and written representations made with the applications. Specific consideration will be given to reserves and balances. New organisations will need to supply projected accounts and proof of financial viability with their first application.
5. The majority of the members or those in receipt of the organisations services should be living or working within the District.
6. The level and type of benefit received by the community through the activities of the organisation will be held to be those contained in the Articles of Association of official rulebook detailing the purpose of the body.
7. The level of standard of training facilities provided will be that advised by the organisation on application for rate relief and will be observed through inspection by Council Officers, as appropriate and will be considered at the three yearly review.
8. If the organisation runs a bar, offers catering and gaming machines the level of Discretionary Rate Relief may be reduced according to circumstances.

Data protection

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