CCTV cameras and footage

Request CCTV camera footage

The council owns a network of CCTV cameras that cover some streets, open spaces, car parks and housing.

Who can make a request

We mainly provide our CCTV footage to:

  • The Police
  • statutory authorities with powers to prosecute such as Customs and Excise or Trading Standards
  • solicitors
  • other agencies agreed by the Data Controller.

Members of the public making a request

We can only provide our CCTV footage to members of the public if:

  • they are a claimant in civil proceedings
  • are an accused person or defendant in criminal proceedings
  • it is in the interests of the public, and they give the time (to within an hour), date and place
  • you can provide evidence of who you are.

We will provide:

  • still images of themselves only (not other people or vehicles as they are protected information)
  • only footage relating to the investigation

For more information read our Policy and statutory information.

How long footage is available for

CCTV recordings will only be available up to 28 days after the event from a fully functioning camera and up to 14 days on a relocatable camera.

How much it costs

There is a charge of £100 per camera for the footage.

Members of the public will not be charged for a Subject Access Request.

Make a request for CCTV footage

To request CCTV footage check the area is covered by a council owned camera the use the link below to complete the form.

Request CCTV Footage 

Return it to us at