The owner has the right to appeal to the Welwyn Garden City Estate Management Scheme Panel if an Estate Management application is refused.

Often confusion arises when there are both planning and estate management applications for the same works. The statutory framework provided for each application are separate, although there can be an overlap in terms of the considerations that are applied.

On the 21 November 2011 it was agreed by the Council that in order to separate the estate management appeals process from the planning process, a Welwyn Garden City Estate Management Scheme Panel would be set up to consider all appeals against the refusal of consent and enforcement of the Estate Management Scheme. The panel consists of six members of the Council (from the wards covered by the scheme).

An appeal should be submitted, along with any supporting information, in writing to the Council. The panel will meet up to a maximum of six times per year, and the appeal will be considered by the panel, usually within eight weeks of receipt of the appeal. Both the applicant and any objectors/supporters have the opportunity to present their case byspeaking at the Estate Management Appeals Panel meeting and the appellant can also request a site visit prior to the meeting by writing to the Development Management Service Manager outlining the reasons why a site visit is necessary.


The Estate Management Scheme appeal process

  • Once an Estate Management appeal is received by the Council the appellant will receive an acknowledgement letter to confirm the receipt of the appeal.  All the appeal papers are published in the Council's online planning database.
  • A letter will also be sent to objectors/supporters (if any) informing them of the appeal.
  • The case officer will then prepare a report incorporating any new representations received.
  • A letter will be sent to notify the appellant and any objectors/supporters with details of the panel meeting and public speaking.
  • Following the panel's decision a letter is sent to appellants and objectors/supporters who have commented on the appeal to advise them of decision. The decision is also available to view in the Council's online planning database