Apply for Housing Benefit

Appoint someone else to help with your claim

If you would like someone else to help you claim benefit, such as a member of your family or a friend, you can set up an appointee.

You can nominate an appointee for a short period, such after an accident, or on a permanent basis.

Who can be an appointee

An appointee can be:

  • A receiver appointed by the Court of Protection with power to claim or receive payment .
  • An attorney appointed by the Powers of Attorney Act These people are automatically Appointees as they have greater legal rights to represent someone.

If this is not possible an appointee can be:

  • A person over the age of 18, who makes a written request to the Council.

What an appointee can do

The Appointee carries out all duties involved in managing the benefit claim including:

  • Completing the claim form and review forms, supplying evidence of income, savings, and rent.
  • Informing us of any changes in the claimant's circumstances.
  • Receiving Housing Benefit cheques in the cases of tenants of a private landlord where the landlord is not paid direct.
  • Repaying overpaid benefit where applicable.

The Appointee has the same rights of appeal as the claimant.  

Set up an appointee

Complete a written authority form with details of the person they wish to act as their Appointee. Both the claimant and the Appointee must give their consent.

If the benefit claimant is unable to give written authority

If they already have a representative that has been appointed by the Court, or under the Power of Attorney Act, supply us with proof of this along with the written authority form.

If there is no legal representative already appointed to deal with their affairs, then a friend or relative can make a written request to become their Appointee.

We will need:

  • full details of both the Appointee and the claimant
  • to visit to the claimant to confirm their circumstances and that the Appointee arrangement is suitable
  • to be satisfied that the arrangement is beneficial to the claimant and that the Appointee is able to take on the responsibility.

Tell us about any changes

We must be informed straight away if any information that is put on a claim form for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Benefit changes. You will also need to inform the Department for Work and Pensions if your details change.

If you do not inform both areas you will have to pay back any extra Benefit received after the change happened