Self-contained accommodation with access to a range of support services.

This type of housing enables residents to live independently whilst having access to a Scheme Coordinator, a Mobile Warden and a range of other support services. Our schemes are usually reserved for people over 60 or those with other support needs such as a disability.


Scheme Coordinators and Mobile Wardens

The Scheme Coordinator's role is to enable residents to live independently and to help them access any extra support they may need.  Scheme Coordinators do not provide care directly themselves, nor can they help with 'day to day' activities like shopping or housework.  However, they have excellent contacts with health and support organisations and are well placed to arrange help for residents.  The Scheme Coordinators also act as a vital link between residents and their Neighbourhood Housing Officer, who is based at the council office in Welwyn Garden City.

A team of Mobile Wardens provide cover for all supported homes when the Scheme Coordinators are off duty and are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year via the emergency alarm system.


Scheme options

There are four types of supported housing scheme:


Sheltered Housing Schemes

These schemes have a Scheme Coordinator working on site during our office opening hours.  Many have been built especially for older people and have extra facilities such as laundries, guest rooms and communal halls.


Neighbourhood Sheltered Housing Schemes

These schemes have a Scheme Coordinator working from within a group of flats/bungalows whilst also providing a service to homes outside the central group.  Some of these schemes also have communal facilities.


Our FlexiCare supported accommodation is located at Chilton Green and combines supported accommodation with a higher level of support.  The aim is to enable residents to live independently but with intensive home care and support, as needed.  This service is provided in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council's Adult Care Services.


All individual sheltered housing properties are connected to our emergency alarm system, which operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. 


How to access sheltered housing

In order to access supported housing you will need to apply to join the Housing Needs Register (waiting list). Once you have registered for housing you will be able to view and bid for available properties within our sheltered housing schemes.

Please see the applying for housing section for more information about how to join the Housing Needs Register and to apply.


Extra Charges

We are committed to providing sheltered housing for Welwyn Hatfield residents which include access to a Scheme Coordinator, 24 hour emergency response by a Mobile Warden and, where available, communal facilities.

These services are paid for by the council, with a contribution from people living in our sheltered housing schemes. This contribution is called a Communal Facilities Charge.

All new residents (including council tenants who move from general needs to supported housing) are charged the Communal Facilities Charge. The charge applies regardless of whether you accept the support from the Scheme Coordinator or Independent Living Services team.

If you are in receipt of any amount of housing benefit or have limited income, you may not have to pay the total Community Facilities Charge, however this will be determined by the Housing Benefit team.