Tenancy types and information about tenancies (council housing)

Tenancy types

Secure Tenancies

This is a permanent tenancy of a council property. If you are a secure tenant we cannot evict you without a court order, and possession can only be granted on certain grounds. There are other rights associated with a secure tenancy including the Right to Buy and the right to mutually exchange.


Assured Tenancies

Registered Social Landlords grant assured tenancies. They are similar to secure tenancies given by the council. If you are nominated to a Registered Provider property and have an assured tenancy your landlord cannot evict you without a court order, although the grounds for possession may be slightly different than for a council tenant. Assured tenants can mutually exchange with council tenants as well as Registered Provider tenants and maybe able to buy their home under the Right to Acquire scheme.


Non-Secure Tenancies

Non-secure tenancies are temporary tenancies. We offer them to people to whom we have an interim (temporary) or full duty under the homeless provisions of the Housing Act 1996 (part 7). If you are a non-secure tenant you do have certain rights but do not have the full rights of a secure or assured tenant. For example, there is no Right to Buy and no right to mutually exchange.


Sole and Joint Tenancies

We offer sole tenancies to single applicants. We would normally offer a joint tenancy to co-habiting couples and other people living together (or wanting to live together) as a couple, unless immigration control applies. Sole and joint tenancies may be secure, non-secure or assured.


Starter Tenancies

A starter tenancy is an assured shorthold tenancy issued by a housing association. A starter tenancy normally lasts for one year and, provided no legal action has been taken due to a breach of tenancy conditions, the tenancy becomes assured at the end of the trial period.


Fixed Term Tenancies

This is an assured tenancy of a Registered Provider which is granted for a fixed period, for example 5 years. At the end of this period a review of your circumstances will take place to determine whether you will be offered another fixed term tenancy in this property.