Tenancy types and information about tenancies (council housing)

Flexible tenancies and how we review them

This is a secure tenancy we offer for a fixed term of up to five years. They will be issued to most new tenants. Some tenants will still be granted a secure council tenancy, you can find out more in our Tenancy Policy.

What is a review of your flexible tenancy

We will review your flexible tenancy about 10 months before the end of the five year term. This is so we can decide your current and future housing needs.

At the end of your flexible tenancy period we will either:

  1. grant another flexible tenancy for five years in your current home.
  2. grant another flexible tenancy for five years BUT require you to move to a property more suitable for your housing needs. We will support you to make an application and you will be granted high priority for re-housing.
  3. end your tenancy without offering you another one. We will give you housing options advice to help you find private rented accommodation, or buy your own home (including shared ownership).

In exceptional cases where we can not re-house you by the end of your flexible tenancy, we lwill let you stay in current home for up to two years. This is to help you find suitable alternative accommodation.

How we will review your flexible tenancy

We will usually write to you to get up to date information about you and your household. This will include:

  • Who now lives in your home, including children and any other adults, so we can see if the size of the property meets your needs. If any of your children are aged 18 or over, they will need to show that this is their main home by being on the electoral register or other similar proof.
  • Whether the property has any special features or adaptations which your household needs, for example disabled adaptations.
  • Checking your financial circumstances in case you are able to find accommodation privately, or buy your own home. We need to see documents proving your of income such as pay slips and proof of savings.
  • Checking if there are any breaches of tenancy involving legal action.

We will write to you with our decision as soon as possible after the review. We must give you at least six months before your tenancy ends.

If we decide to end your tenancy or ask you to move

If we decide to ask you to move or end your tenancy completely we will send a further notice, a Section 21 notice two months before your tenancy ends.


If we offer you a new tenancy

We will make a formal offer of a new tenancy approximately one month before it ends. By law we have to carry out Right-to-Rent checks in the last 28 days of your tenancy. We cannot make you an offer until this has been done.


If you don't agree with the decision we make

If you do not agree with the decision we make, you can appeal, and ask for a review of the decision.

You must do this at least 21 days before the end of the tenancy. Give us as much information as possible about why you are asking for a review.

How to appeal

  • complete a 'Review Form' and send it back to us within 14 days of receiving the form
  • set out the reasons you don't agree with decision in the form
  • you can make your own written representation or ask someone else to do it on your behalf
  • if you ask someone else to reepresent you tell us their name and address

The appeal process

  • Your Neighbourhood Housing Officer will refer your case to their line manager (the Reviewing Officer) within 24 hours
  • If their line manager isn't available it will go to the Head of Housing Operations.
  • They will normally complete their review within 56 days.
  • They will send you a letter telling you the outcome of the review and give reasons.
  • If you still disagree with the outcome and want to take it further we advise you to seek independent legal advice.