Property discounts and exemptions for Council Tax

Council Tax on new build homes (completion notices)

New builds or conversions which are unoccupied and unfurnished may not have to pay Council Tax for the first month. This months starts on the completion day shown on the completion notice. After this month you pay 100% Council Tax.

Contact us at to ask about this discount.

Council Tax Completion Notices for new build properties

We issue completion notices to identify the day when work will finish on new building (or a conversion). This is when you have to start paying Council Tax. You only need a completion notice until someone moves in.

Where the work is not yet finished we will estimate the date of completion. It is then put onto the Valuation List and will start from that date. For more information visit the Valuation Office Agency.

We may need to visit the site and will issue the notice up to three months before completion.

Sanitary fittings, kitchen units, boilers, internal decor, fences, paths, road works and footways do not need to be finished for us to consider the work complete.

How a Completion Notice is served

By post (registered or recorded delivery) to either:

  • the owner at their address, or an address they give us
  • the secretary / clerk at the main office if it it owned by a incorporated company or body

Where the name or address of the owner cannot be found it will be addressed to "the owner" and fixed to the building somewhere easy to see.

If you disagree with the date shown on the Completion Notice:

To find out more go to the Valuation Tribunal Service website.