Register for Council Tax

All residents or landlords in the Borough must pay Council Tax.

This is a property tax. It helps fund local services. These services are provided by:

  • Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
  • Hertfordshire County Council
  • Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire

If you have not paid Council Tax before

You can pay your council tax bill online every month. Or, setup a Direct Debit to pay by instalments. Setting up a Direct Debit means you won’t miss a payment.

If need help paying you can apply for Council Tax support. You can also find out about discounts and exemptions

About your bill

We send you a bill every year. It shows what you need to pay for the next financial year. The financial year runs from April to March the next year.

The bill will show your monthly payments.

Payments are spread over 10 months. Starting in April through to January. You can ask for them to be spread over 12 months instead.