Estate Management Scheme Policies

Erection of New Buildings Policy (EM2)

Because of the formal planned nature of the town and its layout, the erection of new buildings including dwellings, garages, greenhouses, sheds and other outbuildings and structures can have a significant impact on the quality and appearance of a street scene or view.

Proposals for new buildings should respect the visual appearance of the area in terms of its siting, scale (height, width) and not result in a visually over prominent or discordant element.

All applications for new buildings should also ensure that they do not harm the residential amenity of adjoining occupiers and the immediate surrounding area.

This policy also applies to removable/temporary items, structures and chattels such as boats, caravans, trailers and vehicles stored within the front curtilage of a property.

Policy EM2

Proposals for the erection of new buildings will only be permitted where they do not have a detrimental impact on the amenities and values of the surrounding area and the residential amenity of adjoining occupiers.