Apply for homeless housing help

Temporary accommodation

We will provide you with temporary accommodation if:

  • you have made a homeless application
  • and we think we may have a duty to house you.

We will then decide if we do have a duty to house you:

  • if we do then we will find you settled accommodation
  • if we do not then you will have to leave the temporary accommodation and we will help you to find other accommodation.


Our temporary accommodation facilities

We have two main hostels we use for temporary accommodation:

  • Howlands House, Welwyn Garden City - shared-facilities with individual bedrooms, a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom.

  • Hazel Grove House , Hatfield - self-contained units for smaller households.

If demand is very high or the hostels are not approrpiate we may offer you:

  • other supported accommodation
  • a bed and breakfast which outside the area.

We will try to find the best match for your needs. We cannot promise to find you temporary accommodation in a particular area.



The accommodation has basic furniture:

  • bed and sink in the bedroom
  • fridge
  • freezer (Howlands House only)
  • cooker
  • washing machines (in some units only)
  • laundry facility on-site or nearby.

In some cases we can also provide second-hand bed-linen, towels, saucepans and crockery.

You will have to sign an inventory when you move in and may be charged for any damage beyond reasonable wear and tear. 



There is very little storage space in our temporary accommodation. If you have your own furniture, you will need to make arrangements to store it.

If you need advice about where to store your belongings ask your Housing Options Officer.

We may be able to offer you a council garage or provide storage through a local storage company, you will be charged for this.

The cost is based on the amount of belongings you need to store.

It may be cheaper for you to find own storage options.


Rights & Responsibilities

You will have a Licence / Non-Secure Tenancy Agreement that sets out your responsibilities to us and ours to you.

You must:

  • keep up to date with paying your accommodation costs
  • give the Housing Benefit team all the information they need
  • follow the terms of your Licence or Tenancy Agreement
  • be tolerant and respectful of your neighbours
  • be aware that your lifestyle may be different to your neighbours such as shift working and sleeping patterns.

If you break your agreement, such as through anti-social behaviour, you could lose your temporary accommodation.

Temporary accommodation costs

You will be given a payment card to pay your accommodation charges.

You will be charged for:

  • Rent and licence charges - you can apply for Housing Benefit to help with this

  • Running costs - for facilities, cleaning of communal areas, staffing, maintenance including grass cutting and window cleaning

  • Utilities - gas, electricity, water, and Council Tax (at Howlands House only)


Getting help

Our staff are there to give information, book appointments and to provide general help.

There is an office in Howlands House open on a Friday between 9am and 4.30pm.

We also visit Hazel Grove House at least twice a week.