Homelessness and rough sleeping referrals

Refer someone who is at risk of homelessness (Duty to Refer)

We will help all eligible households who are likely to become homeless to find suitable accommodation. Public authorities in England have a duty to refer people they think are, or may become, homeless within 56 days to us.

Before you refer them to us you must:

  • get their permission
  • allow them identify the local housing authority in England they would like the referral sent to
  • get their consent to give us their contact details so we can contact them about their referral.


Make a referral

Public authorities should complete the form below and email it back to us at dutytorefer@welhat.gov.uk.

Report homelessness form

We will aim to contact them within 48 hours after receiving the referral.

We will arrange a face to face or phone interview which will help us to decide if they are eligible (if a we have a duty to assist).


Who has a Duty to Refer:

  • Prisons
  • Youth Offender Institutions/Youth Offending teams
  • Secure Training Centres
  • Probation Services (including community rehabilitation companies)
  • Job Centre Plus
  • Children's Services (County Council or Unitary Authorities)
  • Adult Social Care Services (County Council or Unitary Authorities)
  • Hospital Emergency Departments (A&E)
  • Hospital Urgent Treatment Centres
  • Hospitals in their function of providing inpatient care
  • Secretary of State for defence in relation to members of the regular armed forces