Homelessness and rough sleeping referrals

Tell us about a rough sleeper

We work closely closely with local charities and members of the public to help rough sleepers in Welwyn Hatfield.

We encourage members of the public to let us know when they see people sleeping rough.

Tell us about a rough sleeper in Welwyn Hatfield


How we are helping rough sleepers

In partnership with the Drug and Alcohol Charity Resolve, we have ReStart, our rough sleeper outreach and assistance service.

ReStart works in several ways:

  • Outreach - we respond to reports of rough sleepers as soon as possible to make contact and start engagement
  • Accommodation - we assist with providing accommodation so that no one has to sleep rough
  • Support work - specialised Rough Sleeping Navigators work directly with individuals and assist them away from life on the streets, helping them to stabilise their lives, claim benefits, find accommodation and employment and a sustainable situation to ensure they don't return to rough sleeping.

As well as responding to reports, we carry out regular checks around the borough to identify and help people sleeping on the streets.

We work with other voluntary organisations, other local authorities, charities, the police and local residents to make sure people get the right support.

In severe weather conditions we make sure there is shelter available.

Sometimes our first offer of help is not accepted, there may be many reasons for this. If this happens we do not give up. We continue to build up a relationship to understand their individual circumstances so we can find a way to help them.


How you can help

As well as letting us know about anyone sleeping rough you can also help by donating to local charities.

We encourage you to give to the organisations who support rough sleepers rather than giving to them directly. You can donate to local homeless charities such as Resolve and Druglink.