Apply for council housing (Housing Needs Register)

Tell us if you think you should be given priority because of a medical condition

If you have a serious medical problem and which affects your housing needs, you can apply for a medical assessment.

Use the medical information form to apply for a medical assessment.

Priority for medical conditions

If you have a health problem that made worse by your living conditions or where your home is unsuitable for medical reasons you may be given priority on the Housing Needs Register.

There are three medical categories:

  • Urgent Medical Priority
  • High Medical Priority
  • Recognised Medical Priority.

We will consider all the medical circumstances of your household, if there is more than one. Your given priority appropriate to your combined need.

If medical priority is given for a particular type of accommodation, such as on the ground floor or with a certain number of bedrooms, you will only be allowed to queue for this type of accommodation.