Apply for council housing (Housing Needs Register)

There are two stages to the housing application process.

Stage 1

You will need to fill out a short pre-assessment questionnaire.

This will show you housing options which, based on your answers you have given, offer you the most realistic prospects of being rehoused.

You are strongly advised to follow this advice.

Stage 2

If council housing is a suitable option for you, you will be asked to fill out an application to be added to the Housing Needs Register (the waiting list).

We aim to assess all applications within four weeks of receiving your application and any supporting information we ask for.


Start a housing application


If you need help with your application, contact the Housing Allocations team on 01707 357 090.

False or misleading information

If give false or misleading information, or withold relevant information, we will exclude you from the register. This will be agreed by the Exceptional Circumstances Panel.

If we have already housed you, we can take action to repossess the property and may also prosecute.

Deliberately worsening your circumstances

If we think you have deliberately worsened your circumstances to gain extra priority on the Housing Needs Register. You will be placed in the priority band you held or would have held before your circumstances changed.

This will be reviewed one year from the date you deliberately worsened your circumstances.


We will only share details about your application if you give us permission to do this or, in the case of a criminal or fraud investigation.

The police have the right to request information from us.

More information about applying for council housing