Regulations state exactly which installations need a permit. Please contact us to confirm whether you need a permit or not. It is a legal offence to operate a permitted installation without a permit.

If your installation comes under one of the following categories, you may require a permit.

Animal and vegetable processing sectors

  • Vegetable matter drying processes
  • Maggot breeding
  • Sausage casings
  • Fish meal processing
  • Hide and skin processes
  • Wet pet food manufacture
  • Dry pet food manufacturing processes
  • Animal feed compound
  • Mushroom substrate manufacture
  • Tobacco processes


Combustion and incineration

  • Boilers and furnaces, 20 50 MW Net Rated Thermal Input
  • Gas turbines, 20-50 MW Net Thermal Input
  • Waste oil and recovered oil burners less than 0.4MW
  • Waste oil or recovered oil burners, 0.4 3 MW Net Rated Thermal Input
  • Compression ignition engines, 20 50 MW Net Rated Thermal Input
  • Combustion of fuel manufactured from, or comprised from, solid waste in appliances
  • Crematoria
  • Animal carcass incineration


Minerals sector

  • Blending, packing, loading, unloading and use of bulk cement
  • Manufacture of heavy clay goods and refractory goods
  • Lead glass, glass frit and enamel frit manufacturing processes
  • Coal, coke, coal product and petroleum coke
  • Polishing or etching glass or glass products using hydrofluoric acid
  • Exfoliation of vermiculite and expansion of perlite
  • Quarry processes
  • Plaster processes
  • Asbestos processes
  • Lime processes
  • Roadstone coating processes
  • Mineral drying and cooling
  • Mobile crushing and screening
  • China and ball clay processes including the spray drying of ceramics
  • Manufacture of timber and wood-based products
  • Di-isocyanate processes


Metals sector

  • Furnaces for the extraction of non-ferrous metal from scrap
  • Hot dip galvanizing processes
  • Electrical, crucible and reverberatory furnaces
  • Iron, steel and non-ferrous metal foundry processes
  • Hot and cold blast cupolas, and rotary furnaces
  • Processes melting and producing aluminium and its alloys
  • Processes melting and producing magnesium and its alloys
  • Zinc and zinc alloy processes
  • Copper and copper alloy processes
  • Metal decontamination processes
  • Surface treatment of metal processes
  • Metal and other thermal spraying processes


Organic chemicals sector

  • Fibre re-enforced plastics


Petroleum and powder coating sector

  • Storage, unloading and loading petrol at terminals
  • Unloading of petrol into sorage at petrol stations
  • Manufacture of coating powder
  • Powder coating including sherardizing and vitreous enamelling dry
  • Bitumen and tar processes


Solvents sector

  • Chemical treatment of timber and wood-based product
  • Printing and coating of metal packaging
  • Textile and fabric coating and finishing
  • Coil coating
  • Film coating
  • Coating in drum manufacturing and reconditioning
  • Printing
  • Printing of flexible packaging
  • Paper coating
  • Paint application in vehicle manufacturing
  • Leather finishing
  • Coating of metal and plastic
  • Vegetable oil extraction and fat and oil refining
  • Rubber
  • Adhesive coating including footwear manufacturing
  • Wood coating
  • Original coating of road vehicles and trailers
  • Respraying of road vehicles
  • Coating and recoating of aircraft and aircraft components
  • Coating and recoating of rail vehicles
  • Formulation and finishing of pharmaceutical products
  • Manufacture of coating materials
  • Surface cleaning
  • Dry cleaning