Council Housing Resident Involvement Strategy 2024-2027

Our Commitments

In developing this strategy, we took into consideration those themes identified in the tenant and leaseholder survey and Resident Panel reports.. 

Our commitments will be reviewed and refined throughout the lifetime of this strategy based on data from our annual Tenant Satisfaction Measures survey, complaints and other feedback from tenants and leaseholders.

More effective communication

  • Offer information in different formats, including digitally.
  • Ensure the information on the council website is useful, clear and easy to navigate.
  • Engage our residents through a range of communication channels.
  • Provide regular opportunities for feedback.
  • Share updates on our services and performance.

Partnership working to influence and improve services

  • Create a culture where residents are actively encouraged to be involved in scrutinising, shaping and feeding back on services, helping to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Consult with tenants on housing services to ensure worthwhile conversations and the results are shared publicly.
  • Provide a simple, accessible, and defined complaints process, the feedback from which will help shape future service delivery.
  • Demonstrate the results of this resident involvement.

Widen participation

  • Create inclusive involvement opportunities to suit different needs and interests.
  • Ensure all residents who want to, have the opportunity to participate.
  • Raise awareness of our resident involvement activities.
  • Support resident groups and organisations.
  • Continue to consider what may prevent residents from becoming involved and how these can be overcome.
  • Improve the digital offering to widen our audience.

Celebrate our thriving communities

  • Work with partner organisations to strengthen our communities by providing information, opportunities and training.
  • Support residents to take pride in where they live through Neighbourhood Improvement Bids and community events.
  • Champion our successes to our tenants, leaseholders and a wider audience.
  • Consider our residents at the heart of decision making.

Ensure our engagement meets professional and statutory standards

  • Formally review the strategy after the first year, and thereafter determine the appropriate review periods.
  • Provide clear governance and terms of reference for the different engagement groups.
  • Treat all tenants with fairness and respect, and understand their different needs.
  • Continue to be inclusive and representative.