Community Safety Partnership (CSP)

About the CSP

Making our community a safe place to live, work or study.

The Welwyn Hatfield Community Safety Partnership has a statutory duty, under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, to work towards achieving the aims and objectives of the Police and Crime Commissioner's Plan 'Everybody's Business'

We work with the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, the local Criminal Justice Board and representatives from around the Welwyn Hatfield borough and Hertfordshire, as well as many local community and voluntary groups. 

What does the Community Safety Partnership do?

We focus on six key priorities to help make the borough a safer place:

  1. Keep down Crime especially burglary at homes
  2. Prevent anti-social behaviour
  3. Reduce the damage caused to neighbourhoods by drugs and alcohol misuse
  4. Protect vulnerable people
  5. Support people enduring or escaping  domestic abuse, intimidation and harassment
  6. Increase awareness of county lines and enforce against known offenders in the local area.

You can find out about how we are working towards these priorities in our Community Safety Action Plan and Safer Together 3 year plan.