Community Safety Partnership (CSP)

Our projects

What do we do?

  • Commissioning of a Youth Provision Gap Analysis Report .
  • Community Information Days (CIDs) on home safety, fire safety, personal safety.
  • Introduced  CCTV  in locations around the borough, including Welwyn Garden City centre, King George's Fields (WGC), Hatfield town centre, Hilltop, Welham Green and Woodhall.
  • Work with known offenders to minimise their impact in the community. 
  • Support Neighbourhood Watch, Business Watch and Senior Watch.
  • Launched OffWatch to encourage joint working among off licences to share good practice.  
  • Introduced a 'Sanctuary' scheme for people in fear of domestic violence and run an Annual Domestic Abuse Conference
  • Offer life skills and personal safety advice to over 1000 young people each year through Crucial Crew events.
  • Anti-social behaviour forum
  • MAGPYE (Multi Agency Group for Prevention of Youth Exclusion) group dealing with vulnerable under 18s.
  • Introduction of an Hatfield Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)  in Central Hatfield town centre.
  • Street Wardens  patrolling key areas and safely collecting drugs related waste.
  • Use of community payback to benefit local people and to demonstrate justice done.
  • Sunflower drop-in  centre for those wanting advice, information and support for anyone affected by domestic violence in Welwyn Hatfield.
  • Positive Pathways  project engaging young people who are at risk of, or are already, committing anti-social behaviour.
  • Operation Reprise dealing with noise.