Anti-social behaviour

Report anti-social behaviour

We work with residents and local communities to provide a secure, clean and safe environment for people to live in.

We take reports of anti-social behaviour seriously and will work with you and others to resolve problems and prevent them happening again. In some cases we may take legal action.


Before reporting anti-social behaviour

If you feel able to, and where the situation is not too serious, you should approach the other people involved to discuss the issue.

This allows everyone to understand the different points of view and often leads to the problem being sorted out.

If you find the other party is being unreasonable, or you feel unable to approach them, report it to us.


Report anti-social behaviour

Use the anti-social behaviour toolkit to check what counts as ASB.

Tell us about anti-social behaviour



Your personal information will not be given to a third party without your permission, either during or after a case has been investigated. This includes information that we give to the person causing anti-social behaviour. When keeping or disclosing information about the case we will at all times comply with the Data Protection Act (1998).