How we consult about parking changes

If your road/area is not listed you can request it is considered for a future parking consultation. A new works programme covering 2024-2026 was considered in February 2024: See the agenda for Cabinet Planning and Parking Panel - Thursday 15 February 2024.

Not every request can be immediately considered, but many factors can lead to its addition to a future works programme:

  • volume of requests from different households
  • high parking demand from non-residents
  • major developments that are taking place nearby.

 If there is a highway safety issue, a request can be directed to Hertfordshire County Council as the Highways Authority, they have powers and resources to tackle road safety issues, amend road layouts, and they will run relevant checks such as accident statistics to see if there is a documented safety issue and look if there is a budget to cover such factors.

Once a road or area is on the agreed programme, we will look to start a consultation as and when staffing resources allow.


We consult in several stages about changes to parking in the borough. The process from initial survey to potential introduction of restrictions can take up to 2 years depending on how complex the situation is and how broad ranging views are.

Stage 1: Survey/Design
Stage 2: Results/Feedback
Stage 3: Public Notice & objections
Stage 4: Decision - Report/CPPP/Executive member decision
Stage 5: Installation of signs and lines
Stage 6: Start of Restrictions
Stage 7: Review Period


Stage 1: Survey/design

During this stage we ask people within the consultation area for their opinion about potential changes and parking issues.

This involves a letter being sent to all postal addresses within the consultation area boundaries and in many cases a survey form available so we can gather views from local residents and businesses on what parking issues are occurring and if they are in favour of restrictions to remedy parking concerns.

We also consult with:

  • Local Town and Parish Councils
  • Councillors
  • Herts County Council
  • Police, Fire and Ambulance service


Stage 2: Results/feedback

If a survey is undertaken, a feedback letter is sent at a later date from Parking Services detailing the views received and a solution put forward for residents to consider and feedback on. We do take into account all views, however, we do appreciate not all respondents will share the same view, we consider what the majority of respondents seek within the survey and feedback stage in line with parking legislation. 


Stage 3: Public notice & objections

Once feedback has been reviewed, and any adjustments made to the idea put forward, we publish a 21 days period via a Notice of Intent in the Welwyn Hatfield Times and put public notices in the roads affected. 

Anyone can object to proposals at this stage regardless on if they reside in the consultation area.


Stage 4: Decision - Report/CPPP/Executive member decision

All objections are considered by a Cabinet Planning and Parking Panel in a public meeting, and make a recommendation to either:

  • allow the proposed restrictions to be introduced as advertised
  • amend the proposed restrictions (this can only be done if this makes the proposal less restrictive and not a widescale change of restriction)
  • stop the proposed restrictions from being put in place (in which case this may mean the consultation process will start again)

If no objections are made to proposals, it can be considered by the Portfolio holder to sign an executive decision to proceed.


Stage 5: Installation of signs and lines

As we have to ensure best value for money, we gather quotes from companies to carry out the design, manufacture and installation which can take time to get into place and take into account weather conditions.  At this stage, we would also send letters to residents to advise of the outcome and the start date of restrictions.


Stage 6: Start of restrictions

This is the date the parking restrictions would become operational and the road visited and patrolled by Civil Enforcement Officers for the new restrictions.


Stage 7: Review period

Once any restrictions have been agreed and put into operation, we have a 6 month review period. A feedback form will be available on the Council’s website 3 months after the introduction of restrictions to monitor comments. All comments will be recorded. If any significant issues are discovered because of the Traffic Regulation Order being put into place, Parking Services will investigate and consider remedial action that may be implemented to address the issues.

Request parking restrictions and improvements